2019 HSC Mathematics (Advanced / 2 Unit) Unofficial Solutions

UPDATE: Looking for the 2021 HSC Mathematics Advanced solutions? Check here!

While the test questions are posted right away, it can take some time for the official solutions to come out. So I’ve worked through the test and compiled the answers for you!

This was the very last exam on the old 2-unit syllabus. My overall impression of this exam was that it was on the more difficult side. I wouldn’t say the questions were particularly tricky, as they can sometimes be, but just on the more difficult side in general. You really needed to know your stuff going into this exam.

Of course, Question 16 was the hardest. I hated part (a), it was really annoying to work with, but I liked (b) and (c) and thought they were pretty clever questions and doable if you know your applicable concepts well.

Please keep in mind that while I’ve been careful and double checked my working, there could be mistakes, so if you find any, just let me know! Any corrections will be noted below.

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