2019 HSC Mathematics Extension 1 Unofficial Solutions

UPDATE – Looking for the 2021 Extension 1 Exam? Check here!

We do have to wait for the official solutions to the latest HSC Mathematics Extension 1 exam to be published by NESA. So in the meantime, I’ve gone through and done written solutions for you!

I’d say this exam was a bit on the difficult side, although there were plenty of basic and easy questions to get marks on. This was the very last exam on the old Extension 1 syllabus, and they had some pretty interesting questions for us this year to see it off. 14(b) and (c) in particular were interesting, but difficult. I’d be interested to hear from anyone with a different approach to them!

Please keep in mind that while I’ve been careful and double checked my working, there could be mistakes, so if you find any, just let me know! Any corrections will be noted below.

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