2019 HSC Mathematics Standard 2 Unofficial Solutions

UPDATE: Looking for the solutions to the 2021 HSC Mathematics Standard 2? Check here.

It can take some time for the official solutions to be published by NESA, so I’ve sat down and worked out the answers to the entire paper for you!

NEW – Video guide to the solutions:

Written guide to the solutions:

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It was interested to work through this paper since it was the very first HSC on the new Standard 2 syllabus. Overall I’d say that the test wasn’t too difficult. I was a little worried not knowing how this first exam was going to be, but there were a lot of questions were relatively easy and straight-forward.

There were also a few questions at the end where students who really knew what they were doing could shine. The questions that could trip a lot of people up and were testing whether you know your stuff started around Question 31, but really stepped up at about Question 35.

Please keep in mind that while I’ve been careful and double checked my working, there could be mistakes, so if you find any, just let me know! Any corrections will be noted below.

Corrections to the written guide:

  • Question 9 previously showed answer as B due to not writing x in months. The correct answer is A. (Don’t read questions too fast haha!) Thanks to Jason for catching this error!

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