COVID-19 Update

This week the state is beginning to shut down some businesses. While this shutdown does not affect us at the moment, we also encourage everyone this week to consider doing their tutoring sessions online, as it helps minimize the spread of the virus. This also means that you’ll be ready in the event that further lock-down measures are enacted.

Even if you don’t think you will do your tutoring online this week and plan on tutoring in person, please be prepared by setting up your computer and/or tablet, just in case! The programs you’ll want to have are as follows:

picture of woman sitting in front of laptop
  • Zoom 
    • Free online video conferencing application that is an alternative to Skype. Many universities and businesses use Zoom.
    • Download it or use the web interface here 
    • Message or email us to get our contact details and add us on Zoom.
  • Microsoft OneNote
    • Have this on your main device so we can share files and worksheets.
    • If you have a device you can write on, you’ll be able to write on our shared notebook, so download it there, as well.
    • If you’d like to upload your own homework, try downloading OneNote on your phone where you can take a picture put it straight into our shared notebook.
    • Download the app if you can, but you can also use the web interface 
    • Message or email us and we will share a link to your OneNote notebook.
  • Microsoft Whiteboard

With video conferencing, I recommend Zoom over Skype, but if you can only use Skype this is also an option. And for video conferencing, I recommend you use headphones with a mic, as it will minimize audio echoes. If you don’t have any that’s okay, just use your device’s speaker and mic. I highly recommend you check your audio and video are working before the first session. Sometimes you may have issues, such as your mic not working, for which you can search for solutions online.

Keep in mind that we can use screen sharing while video conferencing, as well as writing and sharing in OneNote and/or Whiteboard in order to facilitate communication. If you have something on your own computer you’d like to go over but don’t know how to share it, we will have you screen share during the session. You can also take a photo of printed material if you have OneNote on a device with a camera, like your phone, and post it into our shared OneNote. You can also scan materials and email it to us or put it into our shared OneNote.

If you have any questions about getting set up, try searching online first, but you can email us if you think it’s something we can help with. You can also ask us if you have questions about how we will be able to share documents or communicate online.

Looking forward to seeing you this week, whether that’s in-person or online!

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