Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know how tutoring works, what to expect, or about our policies? Check our FAQ below! And remember you can always contact us if you would like further clarification or don’t find the answers you are looking for!

About Our Services

  • Do you provide one-on-one lessons or are they group lessons or classes?
    Our service is one-on-one, which means each student gets to work directly with their personal tutor for the booked time. This means that tutoring is tailored to each individual student’s needs, and the student gets their tutor’s undivided attention. If requested, we can do group lessons, such as for two uni students in the same course, but it is not recommended in most situations.
  • Is your service in-person or online?
    We primarily offer in-person lessons, however, since COVID-19 we have started to provide some lessons online. We find that in-person lessons provide the best environment for communication between tutor and student, however we are capable of providing an excellent tutoring experience online, as needed.
  • Do you come to the student’s home?
    We do not travel to your home to provide our tutoring services. We tutor solely at our location on the Central Coast of New South Wales. This allows us to keep our rates affordable, fit many more students into our schedule each day, and provide an environment conducive to learning, free from distractions, with access to our large array of learning resources.
  • Are you a tutoring agency?
    We are not an agency who sets up anyone who wants to be a tutor with clients. We are a local, small business who have been providing tutoring services on the Central Coast for over seven years. We work with a small group of tutors who we personally vet to ensure that they are well-qualified, are versed in their subject specialties, possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and have a passion for teaching and tutoring.

About Tutoring

  • What is the optimal length for a tutoring session?
    We provide sessions that are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes in length. We can also book multiple, shorter sessions weekly if you want to spread tutoring time out over the week. You can also book longer lessons, if desired. The best choice depends on the student, as well as your budget. It’s best to consider the following factors:
    • Attention span of the student – Very young students or students with shorter attention spans may do best with 30 to 45 minute sessions. If they need more time weekly to catch up or cover multiple subject areas, consider booking two 30-minute sessions on different days of the week.
    • How behind the student is for their age – Students who need a small to moderate amount of assistance to catch up or keep up with class may be best with 30- to 45-minute sessions weekly. Students who are far behind their year level may need closer to 60 minutes weekly (this can be split over multiple days of the week).
    • How many subjects the student needs assistance with – Primary and high school students who need help with multiple subjects, such as English and Mathematics, typically need 45 to 60 minutes weekly in order to have enough time to cover both. HSC students covering multiple subjects may need a 45-minute to 60-minute session per subject in order to properly cover each.
    • Your budget – Shorter sessions cost less and may fit into your budget better. Keep in mind that there is a discount for booking more time weekly. See our rates for our price structure.
  • Can adults get tutoring?
    Adults of any age can benefit from having a personal tutor. You don’t even need to be enrolled in a course or have a specific plan in mind beside improving your literacy or numeracy. We have helped many adults who were looking to improve their reading, writing, or maths skills, whether it was to simply enrich their life, improve their job performance, or help them prepare for a new job or entry into a training or education program. We have many resources to pull from and can create a custom plan to help you achieve your goals.
  • Can young children get tutoring?
    We do tutor children as young as Kindergarten age. If you are concerned about your young child’s progress in school, consider having them work with one of our primary school tutors. Having someone to work one-on-one with them may help them to get back on track.
  • Can you work with students who are on the autism spectrum?
    We do have experience working with children with ASD. We don’t provide therapy services for ASD, however we find that children with ASD do well with and appreciate having a tutor to work one-on-one with them on their school work.
  • Can you work with students with ADHD or learning disabilities?
    We work with many students with ADHD and various learning disabilities, including dyslexia. We are not specialists in learning disabilities, however we do find that these students benefit and gain confidence from having a tutor who works one-on-one with them.

About the Tutoring Sessions

  • What should I bring to the first tutoring session?
    There isn’t anything that is required for you to bring, but I do recommend bringing the following to your first session, if you have them:
    • Most recent assessments or reports from the student’s school/teachers, and NAPLAN results if they took the test within the last year.
    • Previous tests that the student didn’t do well on.
    • Current textbook.
    • Class notes.
    • Current assignments or homework the student is working on.
  • What should I bring to tutoring every week?
    I recommend bringing the following to every session:
    • Textbook and class notes. (If the student has these.)
    • A pencil. (We have extras for students to borrow if they forget to bring one.)
    • High school/university maths students: The calculator the student is accustomed to using. (We have extras for students to borrow if they forget theirs.)
    • A notebook if the student doesn’t have class notes or would like to keep tutoring notes separate to class notes.
    • Any assignments or homework.
  • What can I expect the first session to be like?
    During the first lesson we will be getting to know you. We take a personalised approach with each and every student, taking into account your needs, learning style, academic level, and personality. We may do an initial exercise to get a better idea of your current level, or we may jump straight into a topic or skill we know you need to cover.
  • Do you give the student an assessment to see what level they are at?
    We don’t normally give a formal assessment to students in order to assess them. Because our tutors are experienced teaching their specialty subjects, and because we work one-on-one with each student, we can get an idea of the student’s level in our first session. We gauge the student’s academic level by conversing with the student and/or parents, doing some initial work with the student to observe their approach and understanding, and considering any reports from the school the parent may bring in with them. However, if you would like us to give the student a more formal assessment, just let us know and we can arrange it.
  • What can I expect to get out of tutoring?
    In general, with academic tutoring, we find students start to see improvements in their marks within a few months of starting tutoring. This can vary depending on how behind a student is, if they have anxiety (which we will work with them to overcome), and their individual learning style. However, the student’s and parent’s motivation and dedication outside of tutoring can also play a big part. We will often recommend getting further practice at home on the concepts we cover and provide worksheets or online practice problems. Students who follow through during the week, even if it’s just doing a few minutes of study a few times a week, see much faster results in their level of understanding and their marks.

About Our Policies

  • How do I pay for the tutoring sessions?
    When you request a booking, you will be asked to save your card on file (via our secure payment processor Square) in order to confirm and hold your booking. Saving your card on file guarantees your first, ongoing, and/or casual bookings for as long as it they are available (subject to tutor availability). You will only be charged on the day of any booked sessions at the agreed upon rate.
  • Do you have a sign-up or term fee?
    We do not have any sign-up or term costs or any fees besides our listed rates per session.
  • Do you give a discount for booking multiple students?
    We don’t provide a discount based on the number of students booked, but we do have discounted rates depending on the amount of time booked weekly per family. For example, whether you book one student for 60 minutes weekly or you book two students each for 30 minutes weekly, you will get the same discounted rate. See our rates for details.
  • Do we need to pay a term in advance?
    We do not charge in advance. When you book ongoing weekly or fortnightly tutoring, you will be charged on a weekly basis on the day of the regularly scheduled session. We have a 14-day cancellation policy for ongoing weekly or fortnightly tutoring.
  • How much notice to I need to give to cancel ongoing tutoring?
    If you wish to cancel an ongoing weekly or fortnightly tutoring session, you just need to give us notice 14 days in advance. If you wish to cancel a casual (one-off) booking, you just need to give us 24-hour notice.
  • What if I need to change the day or time of ongoing tutoring?
    • Permanent changes – We always strive to accommodate our students and their families’ needs. If you would like to change the day, time, or length of ongoing tutoring sessions, just let us know and we will try to make adjustments, if possible. Just keep in mind that we cannot guarantee your requested time is available due to varying availability of tutors and office space. If a permanent scheduling change is made, we will adjust the day on which you are charged for the sessions.
    • Temporary changes – If you have a one-off scheduling conflict on a given week, we are always happy to try to find a suitable alternative in our schedule at no penalty to you. Just keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a suitable alternative time is available due to varying availability of tutors and office space. If a temporary scheduling change is made, we will not normally adjust the day on which you are charged for the sessions.
  • Do I need to pay for missed or cancelled lessons?
    • If you have a weekly or fortnightly booking, you can cancel up to one lesson per school term and keep your weekly time with your tutor, as long as you give us 24-hour notice. However, if you miss more than one lesson in a term or do not give us 24-hour notice, you will still be charged for the reservation. Please note that you may request an alternative day/time for that week if you notify us before the start of the session, but we cannot guarantee a suitable alternative will be available. In such case this policy still applies. We do have a makeup credit system, such that if you give us notice before start of the lesson and are charged per our policy, you may request a makeup credit which can be used within the term in which they are issued or the school holiday period immediately following the term in which they are issued. Just be aware that you may only have one makeup credit at a time, and they expire at the end of the school holiday period immediately following the term in which they are issued.
    • If you have a casual (one-off) booking and cancel with less than 24-hour notice, you will still be charged for the reservation.