Our Tutors

At Apex Tutoring we pride ourselves on engaging high-quality, experienced, university educated individuals who are passionate about tutoring and teaching. We are committed to providing you with the best tutor to meet your needs and learning style. Our goal is to help you perform to the best of your abilities and achieve your own academic goals.

Below you can learn a little bit more about our tutors, the subjects they specialise in, and their experience and qualifications.

Mindy Amaral – Head Academic Tutor

tutor Mindy


  • Mathematics – Primary School and High School
  • HSC – Mathematics Standard, Advanced, Extension 1, and Extension 2
  • University – Mathematics, Statistics


Mindy is the founder of Apex Tutoring (originally called Apex Math), and continues to provide mathematics and statistics tutoring at all levels to our clients. She has over 4 years of experience tutoring students of all ages and abilities on the Central Coast.

Mindy has a bachelor’s degree in both Sociology and Mathematics from the University of California, Riverside, where she graduated in 2011 summa cum laude (top 2% of graduating class). She also have associate’s degrees in Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and Language Arts & Communication from Mt. San Antonio Community College, and experience in the fields of computer science, databases, and web programming. She is devoted to improving education for students on the Central Coast, and is especially passionate about helping students to understand mathematics, overcome any maths anxiety, and reach their academic goals.

Stephanie Walls-Parker – Academic Tutor

Tutor Steph W.


  • Mathematics – Primary School & Early High School
  • English – Primary School & Early High School


Steph tutors primary school students as well as Year 7 and Year 8 students in English and Mathematics. She works with students who need assistance with learning to read and write, reading comprehension and writing, as well as numeracy.

Steph is currently studying a Bachelor of Primary Teaching (Honours) at the University of Newcastle. She loves teaching and is a very patient and kind tutor who is very dedicated to helping her students improve and gain confidence in school.

Jarrod Doran – Academic Tutor

Tutor Jarrod D.


  • Mathematics – Primary School & High School
  • HSC – Mathematics Standard, Advanced, Extension 1; Investigating Science; Biology; Physics


Jarrod tutors both primary and high school students in the subjects of maths and science. He also specialises in assisting students who are preparing for opportunity class and selective high school exams.

Jarrod received his HSC as part of a selective high school class, during which he studied Physics and Extension 2 Mathematics. He is currently attending the University of Sydney where he is studying a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Exercise Physiology). He is very committed to each of his students and loves helping them learn, succeed, and enjoy engaging with maths and science.

Jack Scullin-Brown – Academic Tutor

tutor Jack S


  • Mathematics – High School
  • HSC – Mathematics Standard, Advanced, Extension 1, and Extension 2


Jack primarily tutors Mathematics to high school and HSC students. He can also provide assistance to high school students in writing papers, as well as general academic coaching, especially to HSC students.

Jack completed his HSC, including Mathematics Extension 1 and 2, with an ATAR of 94.05, and he is currently studying a Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Newcastle. He has 3 years of experience tutoring mathematics on the Central Coast, and is a highly dedicated tutor who is committed to his students’ academic success.

Dr. Lisa Dunbar Solas – Academic Tutor

Tutor L. Dunbar Solas


  • English – Primary School and High School
  • Mathematics – Primary School
  • HSC – English Standard, Advanced, Extension 1, and Extension 2; Ancient History


Lisa tutors primary school students in both English and Maths, as well as high school and HSC students in English. She can also tutor students preparing for Opportunity Class and Selective High School testing.

Lisa received her PhD in Archaeology from The Australian National University in 2015. While at university, she took courses in teaching and English before pursuing her passion in archaeology. While completing her PhD, she lectured undergraduate archaeology students at her university. Since completing her degree, she has had experience working with and educating students in their school subjects, as well as in archaeology as the business director of Ancient Explorer. Lisa’s passion for educating children is readily apparent in her caring and patient demeanor, as well as the fun and energy she often brings to her students who have lost their interest in school and learning.

Madisson Lynch

Tutor M. Lynch


  • Mathematics – High school and late primary school
  • HSC – Mathematics Standard, Advanced, and Extension 1; Chemistry; Physics; Legal Studies


Madisson tutors mathematics for high school as well as for year 5 and 6 students preparing for high school. She also tutors HSC Maths through Extension 1, as well as the science subjects of Chemistry and Physics.

As a recent HSC graduate, Madisson can draw on her recent experience and knowledge to tutor her high school students. She is currently attending the University of Technology Sydney, where she is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Laws/Forensic Science. She’s a very kind, patient, and approachable tutor who is always willing to explain concepts at the student’s level and pace.