Our Tutors

At Apex Tutoring we pride ourselves on engaging high-quality, experienced, university educated individuals who are passionate about tutoring and teaching. We are committed to providing you with the best tutor to meet your needs and learning style. Our goal is to help you perform to the best of your abilities and achieve your own academic goals.

Below you can learn a little bit more about our tutors, the subjects they specialise in, and their experience and qualifications.

Mindy Amaral – Owner / Principal Tutor

tutor Mindy


  • Mathematics – Primary School and High School
  • HSC – Mathematics Standard, Advanced, Extension 1, and Extension 2
  • University – Mathematics, Statistics


Education – Mindy is the founder of Apex Tutoring (originally called Apex Math). She has a bachelor’s degree in both Sociology and Mathematics from the University of California, Riverside, where she graduated in 2011 summa cum laude (top 2% of graduating class). She also have associate’s degrees in Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and Language Arts & Communication from Mt. San Antonio Community College, and experience in the fields of computer science, databases and web programming.

Hobbies & Interests – When she is not busy running Apex Tutoring, Mindy’s hobbies include gardening, yoga, and hiking. She has a pet eclectus parrot who is red and blue named Yvee.

Tutoring – Mindy continues to provide mathematics and statistics tutoring at all levels to our clients. She has over 4 years of experience tutoring students of all ages and abilities on the Central Coast. She is devoted to improving education for students on the Central Coast, and is especially passionate about helping students to understand mathematics, overcome any maths anxiety, and reach their academic goals.

Jarrod Doran – Senior Academic Tutor

Tutor Jarrod D.


  • Mathematics – Primary school and high School
  • English – Primary school and high School
  • Science – Primary school and high school
  • HSC – Mathematics Standard, Advanced, Extension 1; Investigating Science; Biology; Physics; PDHPE


Education – Jarrod received his HSC as part of a selective high school class, during which he studied Biology, Physics and Extension 2 Mathematics. He is currently attending the University of Sydney where he is studying a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Exercise Physiology).

Tutoring – Jarrod specialises in the subjects of maths and science for high school students. He can also assist his students with English, as needed. He is also highly experienced in helping students who are preparing for opportunity class and selective high school exams. He is very committed to each of his students and loves helping them learn, succeed, and enjoy engaging with maths and science.

Hobbies & Interests – When not busy with his studies and tutoring, Jarrod trains in karate at BBMA Mingara. He also works as in instructor for BBMA classes, as well as the Surf Life Saving Club at The Entrance. Jarrod has a red pet beta fish named Aubrey.

Katie Tonner – Senior Academic Tutor

Katie T


  • Mathematics – Primary school and early high school
  • English – Primary school and early high school
  • Science – Primary school and early high school


Education – Katie graduated from Central Coast Sports College, where her studies included HSC Mathematics and English, and is currently studying a degree in Primary Teaching at the University of Newcastle.

Tutoring – Katie is a tutor in all subjects for students in primary school and early high school. She works with students who are struggling with reading, writing, or numeracy, as well as students who are advanced and need extension beyond what their class is covering. As a personal tutor, she effortlessly works with and adapts to her young students’ needs and learning style. She strives to instill confidence in her students, while always looking for fun and engaging ways to teach them.

Hobbies & Interests – When Katie is not working or studying, most of her free time is spent training and playing premier league soccer for Wyong Football Club. She has two dogs, a Bull Mastiff cross Staffie named Boo and a Bull Mastiff cross Wolff Hound named Poppy, who remind her family very much of Eeyore and Tigger.

Cody Doran – Academic Tutor

Cody D


  • English – Primary school and high school
  • Mathematics – Primary school and high school
  • Science – Primary school and high school
  • HSC – Investigating Science; Science Extension; Biology


Education – Cody received his HSC after graduating from Gosford High School, where he was a school prefect in 2020. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Newcastle, and is planning on majoring in Biological Sciences.

Tutoring – Cody is a versatile tutor, able to assist primary and high school students in English, Mathematics, and Science. He is also versed in working with advanced and gifted students preparing for Opportunity Class and Selective High School tests, as well as general extension of their education. He also tutors Science and Biology for HSC students. Cody is a kind and respectful tutor, always looking to be helpful to his students.

Hobbies & Interests – In between his studies, Cody enjoys playing field hockey, which his has played for 14 years. He also enjoys gardening and drawing. Cody has a pet brown bunny named Boo, a special needs ginger cat named Nellie, a 14-year-old tabby cat named Dora.

Shae-Louise Charlton – Academic Tutor

Shae C


  • English – Primary school
  • Mathematics – Primary school
  • Science – Primary school


Education – Shae received her HSC upon graduating from Erskine Park High School. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Primary Education, Honours, at the University of Newcastle.

Tutoring – Shae tutors all subjects for primary school students Kindergarten to Year 6. She has experience in one-on-one tutoring, and is a genuinely passionate and dedicated educator for young students. She has a knack for making tutoring fun for students while ensuring that they are learning and achieving their academic goals.

Hobbies & Interests – Shae, who is a mother to a lovely 3-year-old girl, plays netball, including premier league in the summer. She is a coffee lover, and also enjoys going to the gym. She owns 2 dogs, 2 cats, 40 chickens, and 10 ducks.

Hayley Bradshaw – Academic Tutor

Hayey B


  • English – High school, university
  • History – High school
  • HSC – English Standard, Advanced; Modern History; Ancient History


Education – Hayley received her HSC when she graduated from Gosford High School in 2013. Since then, she has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Modern History and Media, Culture, and Communications at Macquarie University. Currently she is studying a Bachelor of Ancient History at Macquarie University.

Tutoring – Hayley tutors English and essay writing as well as humanities subjects such as History for high school and university students. She draws on her extensive educational experience to assist her students and help them to gain skill and confidence in their writing abilities and academic studies.

Hobbies & Interests – Hayley’s passion is History, but when she isn’t studying her favourite subject she enjoys photography and reading. She is also a fan of anime and k-pop. She has a pet dog named Nash who is a light-brown Labrador cross Australian Shepherd.

Jessica Daley – Academic & Language Tutor

tutor Jessica D.


  • English – Late primary and high school
  • Mathematics – Late primary and high school
  • Science – Late primary and high school
  • HSC – English Standard; Mathematics Standard, Advanced; Japanese
  • Japanese – beginner to advanced


Education – Jessica received her HSC from Gosford High School in 2018, achieving an ATAR of 91.50. Her HSC subjects included Advanced English, Extension 1 Mathematics, Physics, Ancient History, and Religion. In 2019 she started a Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Sciences and has continued to study Japanese in university.

Tutoring – Jessica tutors Mathematics, English, and Science for years 5 to 10, as well as English and Maths for HSC students. She also tutors Japanese language for learners and various levels. Jessica is a kind and patient tutor, always willing to take the time to explain a concept and make sure the student is comfortable before moving on.

Hobbies & Interests – Jessica’s passion is in learning languages and their associated cultural backgrounds. She also enjoys playing netball in the winter, and she regularly donates blood to help her community.

Ryan Small – Academic Tutor

tutor Ryan S.


  • Mathematics – primary and early high school
  • English – primary and high school
  • HSC – English Standard; Business Studies; Legal Studies


Education – Ryan finished his HSC in 2013 at Lisarow High School, for which he studied English Advanced, Legal Studies, and Ancient History. He then attained a Bachelor of Business with Distinction from the University of Technology, Sydney in 2016. Ryan is currently studying a Master of Primary Teaching at the University of New England.

Tutoring – Ryan tutors both Mathematics and English for students up to Year 8, and English and HSIE subjects for high school and HSC students. He also covers Business and Legal Studies for HSC students. Ryan is a friendly and patient tutor who is always aiming to find tasks and topics that are relevant to students and keep learning engaging.

Hobbies & Interests – Ryan is a theatre and film buff, and he also enjoys traveling and a nice trip to the beach. He loves spending time with his two mini dachshunds, May and Clover.

Stathis Tsiricopoulos

picture of tutor Stathis T


  • Mathematics – high school
  • Science – high school
  • HSC – Mathematics Standard, Advanced, Extension 1; Chemistry; Physics; Biology; Science Extension


Education – Stathis received his HSC from Gosford High School in 2020, for which he studied Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science Extension, and Advanced Mathematics. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Newcastle. Stathis also has received a Third Grade in the subject of Musicianship with Honours from AMEB.

Tutoring – Stathis tutors all science subjects as well as mathematics for high school and HSC students. He draws on his extensive science and maths studies from both his own high school and university education.

Naouaim Paul – Language Tutor


  • French – beginner to advanced
  • Arabic – beginner to advanced
  • ESL – beginner to advanced


Education – Naouaim received a Diploma of International Assistant from the International Business Institute of Morocco. She also has received a First English Certificate from Cambridge University. In addition, Naouaim possesses a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education.

Tutoring – Naouaim tutors both French and Arabic languages, as well as English as a Second Language (ESL). She draws on her own experience of learning new languages, as well as her skills in working in an education setting. She has a kind a patient approach to teaching, and is always striving to give her students a positive learning experience.

Calum Smith – Academic & Music Tutor


  • English – primary and high school
  • Mathematics – primary and early high school
  • Science – primary school and early high school
  • HSC – English Standard
  • Music Theory


Education – Calum received his HSC from Kincumber High School, where he studied Mathematics Advanced, Physics, English Standard, Japanese, and Music 1. He is currently studying a Bachelor in Science and Business (Earth Science) at The University of New South Wales.

Tutoring – Calum brings his enthusiasm for teaching and helping others to his tutoring sessions. He’s always aiming to help his students connect with the material, using visuals and detailed explanations wherever he can. He is very patient, friendly, and professional with his students, helping them to feel comfortable during tutoring sessions.

Joshua Bito-on – Academic & Language Tutor


  • Mathematics – late primary and high school
  • HSC – Mathematics Standard, Advanced, Extension 1; Japanese
  • Japanese – beginner to intermediate


Education – Joshua received his HSC from Gosford High School where he studied Mathematics Extension 2, Physics, Chemistry, English Advanced, and Japanese Extension. He currently studies at the University of New South Wales, where his is concurrently undertaking a Bachelor (Honours) in Engineering and a Bachelor in Arts (Japanese).

Tutoring – Joshua’s first experience in tutoring was assisting his fellow students with their high school studies. His helpful and friendly demeanor along with his extensive academic studies make him an excellent tutor. He mainly focuses on mathematics and Japanese tutoring, but can help occasionally with general studies.

Madeline Stracey – Academic Tutor


  • Mathematics – primary and early high school
  • English – primary and early high school
  • Science – primary and early high school


Education – Madeline is an HSC graduate and is currently studying a Bachelor of Education Technology and Applied Studies, majoring in Food Technology. However, she is planning on transferring to a Bachelor of Primary Education in 2022.

Tutoring – Madeline has experience working with youth as a coach and a nanny. She enjoys helping her students and seeing how the support they get from tutoring makes them feel better about school and learning. She’s a super helpful tutor who is dedicated to her students.