I know, you’re dying to know if you got that question right or wrong. Don’t worry, as soon as the exams are published, I will post the solutions ASAP! The exams are usually posted a few days after the exam day, so it won’t be long. This time, I will also post videos working through the questions on the exam. So check back here in a day or two for the solutions to the 2018 General 2, Mathematics, Extension 1, and Extension 2 worked solutions.


The 2018 HSC Mathematics General 2 worked solutions have been posted.

The 2018 HSC Mathematics Extension 2 worked solutions have been posted.

Tutoring Available over School Holidays

Happy holidays to all of my clients and their families! I will be available for tutoring over the school holidays for students who are wishing to catch up or get ahead for next school year. It’s a great opportunity to focus on improving your maths without the distraction of other […]