Current COVID-19 Policy

In order to comply with the law and keep our students and tutors safe, please practice social distancing and hand washing/sanitizing when you are on the premises. Our premises are limited by the four square metre rule. As such, our waiting room is limited to two groups, and we ask that these groups include at most the student and no more than ONE family member. We expect parents will at times want to meet the tutor and discuss the student’s needs at the beginning of the session. Afterwards and when it is possible, we ask parents to wait in their car or drop off and pick up at the start and end of the appointment in order to keep the waiting room clear as students go in and out.

If the student is sick, may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or has visited a COVID-19 hot spot, please let us know right away. We won’t be able to do in-person lessons until the student is cleared, but we can arrange to do your lesson online via Zoom.

If further restrictions are implemented in NSW, we will transition back to doing online sessions via Zoom with most or all of our students, just as we did during the March lock down. We will keep you apprised of any such changes.

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