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I have a teacher account with IXL and use it often with students as a source of interactive practice problems in conjunction with printed worksheets and materials from my library of workbooks and study guides, as well as various computer programs and online resources. I offer student IXL accounts for my students to use at home (soft requirement for primary school students, and optional for high school students), and I always provide them with a list of recommended exercises related to our current topic of study following each session. IXL is available through a web browser, as well as apps for Android and iOS.

HSC students will have a personalized One Note notebooks created for them, which we will use to keep track of their progress in the syllabus and practice on past papers. The student’s notebook is a shared file so they will have access to their notebooks at home, school, as well as during tutoring. HSC students who don’t have OneNote on their computers can access their Apex Math shared notebook on the OneNote website.

I’m a huge fan of the Excel series from Pascal Press. They offer practice books and study books for primary school students, high school students, and HSC students. I have a wide selection of these books for use during tutoring sessions, as they are a great resource for worked examples as well as practice problems. I highly recommend them for clients who wish to get these books for themselves, so they can use them at home as a practice or study resource (and they can write in it if they have their own!) I’m glad to offer suggestions to clients who want recommendations on what would be best to purchase for themselves. You can use my referral link to get $15 off on orders of $65 or more, plus free pencils!

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Wolfram Alpha is a great resource for university students. The program allows you to check solutions to problems and provides a lot of information about given functions, including graphs. It does not require strict input and can interpret most questions. A subscription will provide you with access to practice problems, an upgraded virtual keyboard, and worked solutions to problems, which can make it a valuable learning tool. We may occasionally use it during a session to check solutions to complex problems (eg calculus) or for explanatory or exploratory purposes. Wolfram Alpha is available through your web browser, as well as apps for Android, iOS, and Kindle.

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I always recommend Hit the Button to my students of all ages learning times tables. The game provides fun motivation and a different way to practising times tables besides just writing them down over and over. What I like about this app is that it always randomises the questions and answers, as well as provides reverse practice in the form of “hit the question”. It also includes division practice and number bond practice as well. The publisher, Top Marks, also has many more learning games available that parents might be interested in. Hit the Button is available through your web browser, as well as apps for Android and iOS.

For further recommendations on memorising times tables, see my blog post on How to Memorise Your Times Tables.

Below you will find resources I’ve created for students. These are free to download and I regularly print these off for students as needed.