Academic Tutoring

Private, one-on-one academic tutoring from our tutoring centre on the Central Coast in Berkeley Vale, NSW

We offer private tuition in various subjects, including Maths, English, and Science for primary school, high school, HSC, and university students, as well as other speciality subjects (see our subject list below). Private tutoring is a one-on-one appointment with an experienced tutor who specialises in the subject, and are tailored to suit the needs and abilities of the student. Appointments are available on a weekly ongoing basis or casual basis.

Our tutors are highly experienced and university educated. Their goal is to help you not only succeed in your course or studies, but also to be your academic mentor. Your tutor will endeavour to get to know you, your academic strengths and gaps, your needs and goals, and will help you to achieve them.

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We have tutors specialising in various subjects, and some who may specialise in several subjects themselves, so if you need tutoring in more than one area, you can conveniently get all of your tutoring needs at one location from a source you can trust. We also provide private music lessons from our location, as well.

Private tutoring is available in the following academic subject areas:

  • Primary School English and/or Mathematics –
    Tutoring is available for one or both subjects for primary school students who may have fallen behind their year level or have gaps in their knowledge, who have special needs or learning difficulties, or who are high-achieving and looking to be challenged. While tutoring is always tailored to each individual student, the tutor will typically address topics important to academic development for the student’s age, and topics important for high school preparedness will also be addressed for Years 5 and 6 students.
  • High School English and/or Mathematics –
    Tutoring is available for one or both subjects for high school students who may need help catching up, keeping up, or getting ahead of their high school coursework, as well as for students who are in advanced classes or selective schools. The student’s goals for class placement and HSC course selection are also important for Years 9 and 10 students.
  • HSC English, Mathematics, Science, and other subjects –
    We have tutors who specialise in various HSC subjects and can tutor all levels, including Advanced and Extension 1 & 2 subjects. Your HSC tutor will make sure you understand the topics in the relevant syllabus, help you study and prepare for exams, advise you on assessments, and help you prepare for the HSC tests at the end of Year 12.
  • University subjects –
    We have tutors who can assist you with various university level coursework, including English, Mathematics (including Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations), and Statistics. Your tutor will review and assist you with your course topics, go over the concepts you need help with, advise you on homework and assignments, and help you study for your exams. Our tutors are also able to help you prepare for future coursework if requested, so that you can have the best chance of success.
  • TAFE, Bridging Courses, Newstep, and university preparation courses –
    If you need assistance with the English or Mathematics required for your TAFE courses, or need help succeeding in your bridging or university preparation courses, our tutors can assist. We will provide you with the academic assistance you need to help you pass your course, prepare for future coursework, and gain confidence.

We also provide private tutoring in the following speciality subjects:

  • Opportunity Class and Selective Schools Test preparation –
    If your child has potential and you would like to give them the best chance of success, we offer tutoring in preparation for the New South Wales Opportunity Class and Selective Schools tests. A tutor can help them gain confidence, reduce stress, and identify any gaps in understanding, as well as the opportunity to practice, explore, and understand exam-type questions.
  • NAPLAN  and ICAS Test preparation –
    If you’d like the NAPLAN or ICAS to reflect your child’s acuity, or even if you simply want to reduce their stress or boost their confidence, our tutors can help them to prepare for the test. Practising and exploring exam-type questions with a tutor can help improve their performance, and this service can be provided separately or in conjunction with regular academic tutoring.
  • Mathematics for nursing, engineering, and other TAFE and university students –
    Many degrees require the use of maths that you may not have experience with or haven’t done in a long while. Don’t let maths hold you back from achieving your goals! We can help you improve your numeracy skills, and have resources for many specific fields such as nursing and engineering.
  • Vocational or Military exam preparation –
    If there’s a test you need to pass in order to get into the civilian or military job you desire and Maths or English skills are holding you back, our tutors can help you study and prepare.
  • Essay Writing –
    If you need to improve your writing skills for school or your profession, we have tutors that can help you. Our tutors are highly experienced and can advise you in various writing styles and techniques and proper citation. They can also review and advise you in editing your papers and assignments. This service can be provided separately or in conjunction with regular academic tutoring.
  • Adult Literacy and Numeracy –
    If you’re looking to improve your literacy or numeracy as an adult for any reason, we have experience tutors that can assist you to achieve your goals.

See Availability & Rates for more information, or contact us regarding questions or to book tutoring sessions.