School Holiday Programs

We offer special programs for kids over the school holiday periods, in addition to private tutoring

Students who would like a break from their usual coursework or who are feeling caught up with their classes may be interested in some of our special school holiday summer programs, including programming & coding. We also offer continued private tutoring during most school holiday periods.

laptop computer with apple next to it

Holiday Coding Experience

In our Coding Experience class, kids will gain hands-on experience with the fundamentals of programming in a fun and interactive way. They will also have the opportunity to make their own shareable apps and games! Find out more…

woman studying anatomy

Anatomy Class

Learn about human physiology and anatomy in our special holiday class. Each school holidays will focus on two human body systems. Perfect for students interested in science or who want to become a nurse, doctor, or veterinarian. Find out more…

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School Holiday Preparation for Year 7/Year 11 (Only offered during summer holidays)

Many students will be making a big transition when the 2022 school year starts. We specialise in assisting students who are transitioning from Year 6 to Year 7 or from Year 10 to Year 11 to prepare for their new coursework. Find out more…

student writing on graph paper

Adult Literacy and Numeracy

The school holiday period might be the perfect opportunity for you to invest in yourself improve your literacy and/or numeracy. Our available times over the school holidays are very flexible! Find out more…

chalkboard with thought bubble and light bulb

Algebra Academy

Our Algebra Academy is a hands-on, visual approach to algebra, delivered in one-on-one tutoring sessions with an experienced mathematics tutor. Improving your algebra skills this summer can lead to success during the year! Find out more…

three ukuleles

Ukulele 101

Our partner business Apex Guitar will be hosting a ukulele group, perfect for beginners and people who are new to music. Group lessons make it a fun and affordable introduction to the instrument. The program will cover all the basics and essentials to get you playing songs on the ukulele! Find out more…

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School Holiday Traditional Tutoring

School holidays are a great opportunity for students to get caught up or even to get ahead without the distraction of other classes, homework, assignments, etc. School holidays can also provide a more flexible schedule for the student’s family and the tutor, so we can often find a convenient time for them to come in, and they are welcome to come in more than once per week over the holiday period. With high school students, we may cover past topics or concepts that we hadn’t had time to cover during the term, or revise topics that may be on upcoming exams. For students who are feeling confident in their class to date, we often look ahead at topics that will be covered next term or later in the school year, so the student is well prepared. Contact us if you’re interested in booking tutoring over the school holidays.