Algebra Academy

A Focus on Algebra for High School Students

Our Algebra Academy is a one-on-one program with a special focus on teaching algebra skills for high school students. Many students struggle with algebra for various reasons, but it is one of the most important skills for success in high school and HSC level mathematics.


In our Algebra Academy lessons, one of our specialist mathematics tutors will work with you, utilising a revolutionary visual approach to algebra using a program called Figure. The lessons are one-on-one, and we tailor our lessons to every student’s individual level of understanding, speed of learning, strengths and learning gaps.

This program is suitable for students who are entering Year 7 through Year 10, and may also be useful for HSC mathematics students who do not have strong algebra skills. Bookings are for one hour with flexible days and times, and the cost is only $45 per hour.

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    Tutoring Terms and Conditions
    • In the event that you (the client) schedule an appointment with Apex Tutoring Services (the company), your scheduled appointment time must be paid for, in full, within one week of the scheduled day and time, whether the appointment was attended or not. If an appointment is not paid for in full at the agreed upon rate within one week of the scheduled day and time, the company reserves the right to refuse further appointments and services to you. Only the following exceptions apply:
      • With a minimum of 24-hour notice, you may cancel or reschedule your appointment to another day and time without penalty or payment.
      • If the lesson was not attended, 24-hour notice was not given, and the lesson was longer than 1 hour, you will only be required to pay for 1 hour at the agreed upon rate.
      • The company reserves the right to make an exception to this policy for emergency or exceptional circumstances. Such exceptions are solely up to the discretion of the company.
    • If you (the client) arrive to your scheduled appointment late, you must still pay for the length of the original appointment, and the ending time of the original appointment may not be extended.
    • The above policies do not apply to appointments cancelled by the company. Such cancellations do not need to be paid for, and a reasonable effort will be made to schedule another day and time within 7 days of the original appointment, if so desired by you.
    • You and anyone who is related to you who will be on our premises must abide by our standards of conduct, listed below. The first violation will result in a warning, repeated violations may result you being asked to leave the premises. If you are asked to leave the premises due to violating our standards of conduct, you will will still be required to pay for your appointment time in full.
      • You must not be disruptive to other attendees by creating excessive noise or distractions.
      • You must respect others, including the other attendees and teachers, and must not use derogatory language or physical violence toward any person on the premises.